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Fatal Inertia EX gets "little" Euro delay

Out in the US next Thursday.

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KOEI has told Eurogamer that Fatal Inertia EX will arrive a "little later" here than in the US, where it will be available from the PlayStation Store on 19th June.

Over there it will set you back USD 19.99 and, although a European price is unconfirmed, it's said to be around the GBP 15 mark.

There will also be an old-school demo to go live simultaneously and offer limited access to the racer, with the option to unlock the whole thing if you like what you see. Do you like what you see?

Fatal Inertia EX is, if you hadn't guessed, the much improved PS3 version of futuristic racer Fatal Inertia.

Far more than bells and whistles, the game will have higher top-speeds, better handling, and shinier graphics with weather effects and scenery touch ups.

Even better will be the Proving Grounds training area to ease the learning process, in addition to eight entirely fresh race tracks.

There's more: a co-operative split-screen Career mode, online leaderboards, a super-tough elite difficulty level, tweaks the weapons, plus rumble and motion-sensing support.

On top of all that are promises of a much better frame rate, which adds up to a full sack of delights to plunge your thumbs into.

Lead designer Mike Bond recently told us he was much happier with Fatal Inertia EX than the Xbox 360 original. His surname is Bond, too.

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