Fatal Inertia EX


Review | Fatal Inertia EX

Stranger than friction.

PlayStation Store covered in E3 goodies

Fatal Inertia EX, Warhawk patch, videos.

Fatal Inertia Ex gets Euro date

Improved PS3 racer here next week.

Fatal Inertia EX gets "little" Euro delay

Out in the US next Thursday.

Review | Fatal Inertia EX

Stranger than friction.

PlayStation Store covered in E3 goodies

Fatal Inertia EX, Warhawk patch, videos.

Fatal Inertia Ex gets Euro date

Improved PS3 racer here next week.

Fatal Inertia EX gets "little" Euro delay

Out in the US next Thursday.

Feature | Fatal Inertia EX

Lead designer Mike Bond on what's changed since the 360 release.

Fatal Inertia team "regrets" 360 demo

But says PSN one will make up for it.

Fatal Inertia EX

The first two shots of the PSN game.

Fatal Inertia coming to PSN

With demo and raft of improvements.

Fatal Inertia PS3 rated by ESRB

But KOEI declines to comment.

Fatal Inertia better on PS3

KOEI spending more time on it.

Feature | Fatal Inertia

Ludicrous speed, go!

Koei dates games, demos

Organisational rampage.

Euro Fatal Inertia demo soon

A week away, says Koei.

Fatal Inertia 360 in September

But PS3 version still TBC.

Koei sizes up 2007

Wheels out new games.

KOEI delays two PS3 titles

Fatal Inertia and Bladestorm slip.

KOEI brings PS3 titles to 360

Fatal Inertia and Bladestorm.

Feature | Fatal Inertia

Koei's PS3 launch title is a racing game. This is the same Koei, right?

Koei unveils new PS3 titles

Will support X360, Revolution too.