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Koei sizes up 2007

Wheels out new games.

Koei has revealed that it will release eight games this year, unveiling some previously unheard of titles in the process.

One of these is G1 Jockey for Wii, which is expected sometime in June. A version of this game appeared last May for PlayStation 2, complete with its very own horse-racing peripheral to simulate rein control, and turned out to be a great niche title but impossible to mark.

Unfortunately Koei was unable to tell us what will be different in the Wii version, though it expects an announcement will be made soon.

Nintendo fans will also be excited by Prey The Stars DS, which is described as a cross between Pac-Man and Katamari Damacy, due for release in the third-quarter of this year.

The aim of the game is to eat your way around various levels, progressively getting larger and eating bigger things, eventually gobbling up things like buildings and busses. You'll also be able to enjoy the experience with up to three friends, racing to become big enough to stuff them all into your swelling belly. Pop over to our Prey The Stars DS gallery for the latest screenshots.

Also making its way to DS is Dynasty Warriors: Fighters Battle, which will let you decide the fate of ancient China on your way to work, or whilst you're on the toilet. We're told to expect an action offering rather than a turn-based affair, and its due for release in the third quarter of the year.

Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can expect a new game in Orochi Warriors, due for release in October. This will squash all of the fighters from Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors under one roof, combining their forces to tackle an ancient demon. It's a nice break from historical accuracy for Koei, who will venture into the mythical Orochi folk lore for inspiration this time around.

On top of all this we can expect Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner for PS2 on 27th April, as well as Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War and Fatal Inertia on Xbox 360 and PS3 in Q3 2007.

Quite a line-up, lets hope it's as good as it sounds.

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