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KOEI brings PS3 titles to 360

Fatal Inertia and Bladestorm.

KOEI has decided to share the love, announcing Xbox 360 versions of its previously-PS3-exclusive titles Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War and Fatal Inertia.

Both are due out in March 2007 on both formats.

Fatal Inertia, as you perhaps remember, is a futuristic racing game being put together by KOEI's recently formed Canadian studio, and aims to make clever use of spectacular weapons and physics to disrupt proceedings. Originally unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005, it was down as a PS3 launch title but presumably time got the better of them.

Bladestorm, meanwhile, is set during the titular Hundred Years War, and sees players getting involved with Edward the Black Prince, Joan of Arc and all the rest, taking sides as England and France go at it and commanding lots of troops in real-time. And if that sounds familiar, then bear in mind it's being put together by KOEI's Omega Force team, the group behind Dynasty Warriors - so in other words it is, but they do know what they're doing.

Look out for both of those nearer to March.