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Disgaea DS, PS3 coming to US

But still no word on Europe.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's been confirmed that three more Nippon Ichi titles are down for a US release.

They include Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for PS3, which is out there on August 26th. The game follows the adventures of Mao, a student at the Evil Academy, who attempts to overthrow his father and assume the title of Overlord. It's an RPG innit.

Then there's Disgaea DS, billed as a deep strategy RPG with a new storyline and ending. Items called Geo Cubes add another dimension to battles, and there are multiplayer modes for local wireless play.

It's out on September 23rd along with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, also a DS title. This one is a remake of the old PlayStation game and features new unlockable characters and music-based RPG gameplay.

The games are being distributed in the US by Atlus, but it's usually Koei who handles Nippon Ichi titles in Europe. So will they make it here too? "No news yet for these shores, I'm afraid," a Koei representative told Eurogamer. Thanks anyway, Koei representative.

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