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Disgaea 3 PlayStation Vita confirmed

4 more Nippon Ichi games in the works.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A Japanese video game magazine has confirmed a Disgaea 3 remake will launch on the PlayStation Vita.

Dengeki PlayStation (translated by Andriasang) says Nippon Ichi plans to release Disgaea 3 Return on Sony's PlayStation Portable successor.

Improvements over the PlayStation 3 original are planned, including the use of close-up character pictures, four new scenarios and two new characters. All the downloadable content from the PS3 version will be included.

The Disgaea series has a history of appearing on PS2 and then being adapted for PSP - a relationship that will continue on PS3 and PS Vita.

Disgaea 3, a PS3 game, appeared in Europe in February 2009. Eurogamer's Disgaea 3 review awarded a handsome 8/10. "Once again," wrote reviewer Simon Parkin, "Nippon Ichi has created a delicious statistical sandbox to play in."

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Nippon Ichi has four unannounced games in the works.

One is an action RPG from the Prinny team with full polygon visuals. Another is an all new game from the Disgaea team, said to have the visual quality of the illustrations from Disgaea 4. Third is a new game from Classic Dungeon maker System Plasma, and fourth is a Japanese release of a Nintendo 3DS game that was popular overseas.

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