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Echochrome finally on Euro PSN

Plus Top Spin 3 demo, PSP sat-nav maps.

Sony has finally walked echochrome up but also down a staircase onto the European PlayStation Store.

Jubilation for GBP 6.99, then, although it turned out not to be quite as exciting as it first promised. There's also an echochrome Micro game for PSP that costs GBP 4.99, but we're not sure what this is - probably a cut-down version of last week's boxed release to judge by the name.

Joining it this week are a demo for the admirable Top Spin 3 so you can re-enact that final between Federer and Nadal, plus a fresh batch of maps for Go! Explore on PSP - the GPS sat-nav software. Those maps cost GBP 14.99, mind you.

There's an Amber Vorhees character for High Velocity Bowling that costs 70 pence, too.

All that and some trailers for the not-supposed-to-be-that-bad animated film Kung Fu Panda, Call of Duty 5 and Secret Agent Clank.

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