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Commando 3 storms onto Euro PSN

But still no echochrome or Elefunk.

Commando 3 leads the PlayStation Store update this week, and is well worth looking into if you fancy a spot of co-operative top-down two-stick shooting.

It will cost you GBP 6.99 and is also already out on Live for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

Elsewhere and the PlayStation Store is still without either echochrome or Elefunk, although there are themes for each and wallpapers for the latter.

Echochrome is released on PSP tomorrow and has been on the PS3 Store in America since the beginning of May. The official UK PlayStation 3 website suggests the game will finally arrive here next Thursday.

Elefunk had been promised as early as May but there's still no date in sight.

Back to what is available. At the top of the list are two freebies: the "Top Gun Anthem" for Guitar Hero III and the Gift Pack for Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

To coincide with the release of Buzz! Quiz TV this Friday, Sony has popped four bundles of extra questions on the PS3 Store for GBP 3.49 each. These cover topics from Australian and UK culture to rock legends and science fiction.

There are also lots of videos from the SingStar European talent search called "Movement". This batch looks to focus on acts from France.

You can try out Space Invaders Extreme on your PSP or PS3, too.

All the rest are two Ubisoft trailers: one for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and the other for Haze.

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