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echochrome gets PS Eye support

Upload your own face to YouTube.

Sony Japan plans to add PlayStation Eye support to echochrome so players can record and upload their puzzle-solving face to YouTube.

Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel

Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel

But is working on something similar.

Don't expect a sequel for Sony Japan Studios' quirky PSP and PSN puzzle title echochrome, two of the creative folk behind the game told Eurogamer today.

Producer Tatsuya Suzuki and Kyushu University's Jun Fujiki - whose academic research into realising "trick imagery" in 3D inspired echochrome in the first place - were chatting to us at the Develop conference in Brighton.

It took a bit of discussion before they could work out whether they were allowed to say anything, but eventually, Fujiki told us starkly that "we're not doing a sequel - we're not doing echochrome 2".

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PSN: Siren, Gangs of London PSP

Plus echochrome demo, GH3 pack.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network store with Siren: Blood Curse (albeit with slightly rejigged pricing, Gangs of London for PSP and an echochrome demo.

Commando 3 storms onto Euro PSN

But still no echochrome or Elefunk.

Commando 3 leads the PlayStation Store update this week, and is well worth looking into if you fancy a spot of co-operative top-down two-stick shooting.

echochrome out in Europe next week

Same source says Elefunk today, but no.

European PS3 and PSP owners will finally be able to get their hands on echochrome next week when the game launches on PSN and boxed PSP copies emerge in shops a day later.



It's Escherly not that amazing.

In echochrome, the solution to every puzzle is that seeing is believing. If you can align a pair of platforms so that they appear to be one, they are. If you can position a hole so that it appears to be above a beam, it is. Although the beams, staircases and pillars that make up each stage are positioned normally in 3D space, gravity bends and distance becomes nothing in accordance with the player's perspective.

As a little man walks along these paths suspended in the air, all you have to do is guide him between the holograms scattered across each stage and then return him to the starting point, but like Portal last year, the game's capacity to reduce vast distances to nothing means that doing so requires a mixture of lateral thinking and, as the game progresses, dexterity. Overall, it's an arresting concept.

Initially the game sets out its five "laws". All you manipulate in echochrome is the camera, which can be rotated, raised and lowered around each of the 56 levels unique to either PS3 or PSP that are hung in white space, and the first law, perspective travelling, is the one where you connect pathways by aligning the edges. The second law, perspective landing, is about aligning a black hole in one beam so that it appears to be above the area you want to reach; if your man passes then over it, he will fall through and land where you want him.

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Echochrome team explains DLC

User-created content plans revealed.

Echochrome producer Kumi Yuasa has promised that user-created puzzles will be available to download for free on a regular basis.

No PAL echochrome demo today

US-only. Plus details on level editor/DLC.

American gamers will be able to download a playable demo of echochrome from the PlayStation Store on PS3 and the PSP's web-based version today.

No PAL echochrome demo today

Despite Japanese release.

Sony has told Eurogamer that the echochrome demo released on the Japanese PlayStation 3 Store today won't be part of today's PAL PSN update.

Echochrome has arrived on the Japanese PlayStation Store in PS3 demo form, so if you've got one of those fakey PSN logins, you might want to indulge.

GDC: echochrome

We tumble and grin through three levels.

With echochrome due out in Japan this time next month for PSP and PS3's PlayStation Network, Sony brought along a tutorial and three-level demo for Game Developers Conference attendees to wrap their confused eyes and hands around. We played it. Now we're writing about it. Having a good time? Can I get you anything?

PAL Echochrome in Q2

March Japanese launch rumoured.

Echochrome is down for release sometime in Q2 in Europe, Sony UK said this morning in response to rumours that the PSP and PSN game is set to launch in Japan on 19th March.

TGS: Echochrome

The world's gone mad.

In Echochrome, Sony's wacky new puzzle game for PlayStation Network and PSP, things are not as they seem. Or rather, they are as they seem, but only until you change the camera angle. In a concept demo at Tokyo Game Show, we got the chance to put the principles outlined in the enigmatic trailer videos to the test.

Echochrome trailer, shots

Echochrome trailer, shots

The new Portal?

You may have heard about Echochrome during last week's Sony conference, but now you can admire the tricky little PSP and PS3 title a bit more, as we've mirrored the trailer and screenshots.

The video's entirely self-explanatory, and ought to plant a grin on any gamer's face. It allows the player to move a tiny character model over broken ledges by rotating the camera so vertical beams obscure gaps, so using differences of perspective to manipulate level design and solve puzzles.

In other words, it takes the opposite approach to a typical physics puzzler, allowing mathematically impossible solutions to work within the tiny, nondescript game engine - a scattering of black lines on a white background.

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