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No PAL echochrome demo today

Despite Japanese release.

Sony has told Eurogamer that the echochrome demo released on the Japanese PlayStation 3 Store today won't be part of today's PAL PSN update.

Sony said it would get back to us with a date for it as soon as possible.

We're not sure what actually will be part of it yet, either, but details usually come through at the end of the day or early Friday.

So, for now you'll have to put up with downloading it from the Japanese store using made-up account details.

We haven't yet found out what's in it - other than being told it's similar to the Tokyo Game Show demo - because our PS3 TEST unit doesn't do the whole retail shop thing.

(Update! Having finally gone home and tried it out, there are PS3 and PSP versions available.)

But, if you're curious as to what we've made of our experiences with echochrome so far, you can always refer to our TGS and then GDC impressions.

Echochrome is due out for PSP and PS3 in Europe in Q2 according to Sony's last estimate.

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