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Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel

But is working on something similar.

Don't expect a sequel for Sony Japan Studios' quirky PSP and PSN puzzle title echochrome, two of the creative folk behind the game told Eurogamer today.

Producer Tatsuya Suzuki and Kyushu University's Jun Fujiki - whose academic research into realising "trick imagery" in 3D inspired echochrome in the first place - were chatting to us at the Develop conference in Brighton.

It took a bit of discussion before they could work out whether they were allowed to say anything, but eventually, Fujiki told us starkly that "we're not doing a sequel - we're not doing echochrome 2".

It's not all bad news for fans of the mind-bending puzzler, though, because Fujiki definitely wants to work with Sony's development team again - and they're already working on a new title focused on an entirely different kind of trick imagery.

Expect more brain-breaking, M.C. Escher style visuals, then - but not echochrome all over again. Excellent.