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echochrome out in Europe next week

Same source says Elefunk today, but no.

European PS3 and PSP owners will finally be able to get their hands on echochrome next week when the game launches on PSN and boxed PSP copies emerge in shops a day later.

The PSN release is down for 3rd July according to the release calendar and online retailers all agree the boxed PSP version is out on 4th July.

This isn't exactly "news", but we hadn't reported it before and we do know how you like to slag us off for this sort of thing, so consider this low-hanging fruit and have at it.

Echochrome is a puzzle game where you have to help a little man navigate holes and bounce pads and dead ends as he strides around a maze of disconnected pillars and walkways suspended in the air.

You control it by rotating the camera around the level and create hidden pathways and nullify pitfalls by obscuring them from view. The PS3 and PSP versions each have a distinct set of puzzles.

As we reported earlier, echochrome will be joined on Euro PSN next week by Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 and, also like Wolfy, we've already reviewed echochrome.

That release calendar also points out that Elefunk will be released today, 26th June, as part of the European PSN update. We should find out later when Sony issues the release list. (Update, 3.22pm: Sony's just issued the update and no Elefunk! What that means for the echochrome date remains to be seen!)