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Echochrome adds Trophies, 1000 levels

User-created content now available.

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Sony has rolled out an Echochrome update, adding Trophies to the PSN puzzler.

More impressive, however, are the 1000 extra user-generated levels on offer. And, given that the original game launched with 56 stages, that number is rather spectacular.

"The total count for stage uploads worldwide have now exceeded 3,700 (submitted from 33 different countries and 1664 unique users)," Suzuki-san, producer of Echochrome, told the US PlayStation blog.

"We have done the honours of selecting a total of 1,000 user generated stages to be made available with this update patch, to everyone else. The stages are the crystals of our users' creativity and variety, often surprising us and sometimes even an eye-opener from a development point of view."

The blog also tells us another echochrome update is on the way, although we cannot know when or what "interesting features" are inside just yet.

Echochrome, the Escher-inspired perspective puzzler, can be snatched from the PlayStation Store for GBP 6.99.

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