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No PAL echochrome demo today

US-only. Plus details on level editor/DLC.

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American gamers will be able to download a playable demo of echochrome from the PlayStation Store on PS3 and the PSP's web-based version today.

However, we've been told by Sony friends that the demo won't be part of today's PAL Store update, so you'll have to dust off your US logins to access it.

According to a post on the official PlayStation Blog, the demo offers the brief tutorial (and presumably a few of the early levels), not unlike the Japanese demo that you can already download.

The full game will have 56 levels on PS3 and 56 different ones on PSP, as well as a level creator tool on both systems, with the best PS3 efforts likely to be offered as downloadable content.

Speaking of which, "Additional content will be available from Day 1," according to blogger Kumi Yuasa, associate producer on the game, and this will consist of user-created levels from Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

That's only for the PS3 though - PSP owners will share stuff using ad hoc wireless.

Check out the PlayStation Blog post for more, or check our echochrome gamepage for hands-on reports and exclusive gameplay videos.

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