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PAL Echochrome in Q2

March Japanese launch rumoured.

Echochrome is down for release sometime in Q2 in Europe, Sony UK said this morning in response to rumours that the PSP and PSN game is set to launch in Japan on 19th March.

Siliconera reported the latter recently, adding that the price has not been set but that it will "probably fall in the USD 25-30 price range" on PS3 given the PSP version's 3,990 yen price-tag.

If you're not sure what all the fuss is about with this one, our advice is to watch the one, two, three trailers listed on the gamepages and check out our first impressions.

Can't be bothered? Alright. It's a puzzle game about aligning paths for a little walking and jumping man - the X-factor being a camera that treats its perspective as literal truth, so a beam obscuring a hole in the beam behind it actually fills it in, too.

Now go and watch those videos. Again, if you already have. We're expecting to get some more time with Echochrome soon, so watch out for that.

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