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PDC Darts trying again on Xbox 360

Visual overhaul due September.

Oxygen is working on an Xbox 360 revamp of PDC Darts and aims to release it this September.

This was rubbish on Wii, as Ellie explained in her review, which called the game ugly and dull. Oh dear. But Oxygen promises the 360 version will be much better.

There will be a complete graphical overhaul for starters, plus online matches, refreshed World Rankings data, plenty of modes and hopefully a better throwing mechanic, which we're told will change depending on the difficulty level.

All of your caravan and TV favourites return, including Phil "The Power" Taylor, Raymond "Barney" van Barneveld, Kevin "The Artist" Painter and lots more. You can make your own silk shirt-wearing jewellery-laden disaster, too.

There are Xbox 360 Achievements on offer as well, of course, but otherwise little seems to have changed. Buying a real-life darts board still seems more attractive.