PDC World Championship Darts 2008

Wii Roundup

Wii Roundup

Sports, swords, darts, cars, 'Game Party'.

People think I must be bored with writing about rubbish Wii games and things like RealPlay Golf and The Legend of Spyro: Unlikely to Get Funding for Another One. They are wrong. I am bored with playing them, usually within 90 seconds of booting them up. The latest pile of half-baked pisspoor old tat to land on my desk is no exception.

To be fair, Asterix at the Olympic Games manages to rise above the ranks of truly terrible to achieve mediocre status. But Samurai Warriors: Katana is silly and PDC World Championship Darts 2008 is tedious. The other games are called Cruis'n and Game Party. I need say no more. [Actually, you do. - Ed]

Asterix at the Olympic Games

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Phil 'The Power' Taylor

The darts legend speaks.

Since time began, human beings have experienced a natural and powerful desire to throw things at other things. Millennia ago, big pointy wooden sticks were thrown at huge hairy beasts. Today, small pointy metal sticks are thrown by huge hairy beasts. Woolly mammoths have been replaced by wooden dartboards and the chance to win a speedboat, caravan or luxury holiday.