PDC World Championship Darts

PDC World Championship Darts

Many years ago I overheard a senior writer for a well known PlayStation magazine boasting to a colleague that he always gave pinball games low scores on principle, because he "didn't see the point". I could sort of see where he was coming from, but that didn't stop me thinking he was a bit of an arse. Partly because it seemed like he was doing a disservice to fans of pinball games, odd as they may be, but also because... well, he really was an arse.

As a reviewer, it's sometimes hard to block out the voice in your head whispering "You can play this for real, for less money", but such factors shouldn't really enter into any objective look at a game's relative merits. If someone is willing to pay over the odds for a videogame version of an otherwise simple hobby, that's between them and their overdraft. Case in point: this officially licensed darts game, which digitally recreates a pastime you can already enjoy for free in good old-fashioned pubs across the nation. So the question really shouldn't be, "Why would you want to play darts on a joypad?" but rather, "How good is this game at letting you play darts on a joypad?"

Rather good, is the answer.

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