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Konami struggles to deliver MGO add-on

Too many people, not enough internet.

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The Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion pack has collapsed under the weight of internet demand.

Konami support lists a long line of hiccups. First the Metal Gear Online and Reward shops were temporarily closed, before Konami began restricting IP ranges to try and manage the load.

Then all Survival Battles were cancelled and reports of hundreds of MGO Shop transactions failing to materialise flooded in.

Konami continues to apologise for the "ongoing problems and all inconveniences caused", and its European arm is looking into things for us.

The Gene Expansion pack came out on Thursday and costs EUR 9.99 (approximately GBP 8). It was supposed to add a trio of maps, a Survival mode, the Reward shop, plus more heroes and female characters.

Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer component to Metal Gear Solid 4. Pop over to our Metal Gear Online review to find out more.

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