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Free MGO content in May for all players

Race Mission and Patriot modes. Uh-oh.

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Konami will add Race Mission and Patriot modes to Metal Gear Online during May. They're free, available to all and not nearly as naughty as they sound.

First, on 12th May, Konami will introduce the Race Mission mode, where Blue and Red teams search for and protect targets while passing through a series of checkpoints. Successful passes spawn subsequent checkpoints, but drops will reset progress if the target is not retrieved in time.

Then, on 26th May, Konami will introduce the Patriot feature. This randomly selects a few players from the Metal Gear Online userbase to become Patriots, who receive a 5.56mm Hand Rifle that has infinite ammo and no need to reload.

"You'd better watch out when a Patriot joins your game!" exclaims Konami Online's Brandon Laurino on the US PlayStation blog.

The SCENE expansion was added to Metal Gear Online in March, and added two new playable characters, three maps, modes and accessories. Players do not need this, nor any of the previous expansions, to benefit from the upcoming modes.

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