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WipEout, Metal Gear Online demos soon

Christmas Eve downloads for PSN fans.

Sony and Konami respectively have announced WipEout HD and Metal Gear Online demos for release on Christmas Eve, which is Wednesday, 24th December in old money.

The WipEout HD demo consists of one track, which you can play as much as you like, and then shows you the others once you've finished racing it. Look but don't touch.

Once you're done, you'll be able to go to the PlayStation online shop and buy the game at a reduced price, although Sony hasn't got back to us about what that is yet. At the moment WipEout HD costs GBP 13.99.

Meanwhile, Metal Gear Online's demo will allow you to play on three maps (Blood Bath, Gronznyi Grad and Midtown Maelstrom) in seven modes (DM, TDM, Rescue Mission, Capture Mission, Base Mission, Sneaking Mission and Team Sneaking) with 16 players supported and customisable characters.

Dedicated servers have been set up for demo "to ensure that newcomers...are not overcome by its 1,000,000 registered - and highly-skilled - users", according to Konami, and they'll be up until 16th February. The demo itself will be available until 29th January.

Finally, Konami's releasing a special, limited edition MGO T-shirt for use in the game, which will be given to 1200 randomly-chosen buyers of the MEME expansion. If you win, you should get it on 6th January.

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