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E3: Kojima announces Metal Gear Arcade

3D version of Metal Gear Online for arcades.

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Hideo Kojima has revealed the first ever Metal Gear title for arcades: an adaptation of the PS3's Metal Gear Online with 3D visuals called Metal Gear Arcade.

"Metal Gear Solid finally makes its appearance on the coin-ops," he said at Konami's E3 press conference. "It's coming back from the PS3's Metal Gear Online. That was quite a hit, so we're going to bring it to the coin-ops."

Metal Gear Arcade's imposing, enclosed cabinets were shown on screen in suites of four, but they will also be connected between arcades via the eKonami system. They will offer full 3D visuals through goggles. "If you put on these goggles which allow you to see the 3D view, you'll be able to see the enemies pop up in 3D," Kojima said.

Metal Gear Arcade is being developed by Konami's arcade division in collaboration with Kojima Productions, the creator revealed. Konami aims to release the machine into arcades in Japan this year, and has plans to introduce it to the rest of the world soon after.

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