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Double update for Live Arcade tomorrow

Breakdancing and 1942: Joint Strike.

Microsoft is preparing a double dose of Live Arcade games for tomorrow.

1942: Joint Strike we already knew about; the Capcom top-down shooter from the brains behind Commando 3. This is being brought up to date with 3D graphics and new music.

Go! Go! Break Steady, on the other hand, is a rhythm-puzzle game which looks rather charming. Break Steady is by indie team Little Boy Games in Canada, and casts you as a cartoony breakdancer who pulls off moves by matching button presses to beats. There are around 20 songs to work through, on your own or with and against friends, online and locally.

Both games will cost 800 Microsoft Points, or GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60 in real money.

Look out for our thoughts on 1942: Joint Strike and Go! Go! Break Steady soon.