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J Allard gets a new job title

Sounds exciting.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Remember J Allard, the man who became famous for launching Xbox 360, wearing an earring and having a bald head? Remember how he went on to work on Zune, or something, and hasn't been seen since?

Well, he's got a new job title these days, and it sounds like he might be shifting back towards the Xbox side of things.

As reported on ZDnet, Allard's corporate bio has recently been updated on the Microsoft website.

He's now "Chief Experience Officer" and "Chief Technology Officer" for the Entertainment and Devices division. That means he's "responsible for the technical architecture and user experiences" related to the division's products and services.

"Allard works closely with technical leaders across the company to align E&D product teams with Microsoft’s overall services strategy and product architecture," apparently, "And drives the technical and design agenda to deliver Connected Entertainment experiences for consumers."

In addition, Allard "oversees an incubation team that scouts new opportunities for the division". He no longer wears an earring, but remains bald.

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