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X360 products are innovative - Schappert

Even if games like Lips are not "brand new".

John Schappert has defended Microsoft against accusations that its new Xbox 360 initiatives are unoriginal.

"Innovation doesn't mean that you have to do something completely brand new," Schappert, who is Microsoft's corporate VP of Live, Software and Services, told GamesIndustry.biz.

"World of Warcraft is a wonderful example - it's a game that I completely love. Now I played many MMOs before that, but it was the only one I invested a serious proportion of my life in," he said.

Xbox 360's forthcoming avatars are an example of the company taking an existing concept and giving it new legs, he said.

Meanwhile, he added, camera game You're In The Movies introduces new features to that genre and Lips has wireless microphones, which similar titles currently lack.

"I think our Primetime channel is another example of innovation where we've got time-slotted dynamic on-demand gaming," he continued.

Gameshow-style Endemol title 1 vs. 100 is the company's first Primetime product, and will allow players to join a massive online quiz for real prizes.

"It's not just me, it's me with the entire community," Schappert said, "and it goes into what Endemol says - that a third of their viewers also play along with the game on the computer or with their mobile phones. So there's innovation."

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