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Cashman on 1 vs. 100 cancellation

"Bummer," says quiz show host.

The host of Xbox Live quiz game 1 vs. 100 has given his reaction to the news there will be no season 3.

"Yeah... Bummer," he told Giant Bomb. "I certainly hope to get a chance to play with Xbox again, but I have no idea what it's up to next... The Live platform is so cool and the streaming content is just way ahead of the curve, so I gotta assume it's all a part of a bigger picture. I'm sure they are plotting something rad," said Cashman.

"As for how I'm taking the news of 1 vs. 100 going away? Well... I've always been dramatic," he added, referring to his YouTube response to the news.

1 vs. 100 launched in the UK a year ago. It let you answer questions and win stuff from the comfort of your own home, but now you'll have to settle for Foxy Bingo instead.

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