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Changes planned for 1 vs. 100 Season 2

It's all about improving things for the One.

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Microsoft has revealed some of the changes we can expect to see in 1 vs. 100 Live when the second season begins.

As reported on the 1 vs 100 blog, there will be some adjustments to the role of the One. At the moment, explained Microsoft's "Adam Danger", "The One attains minor Xbox fame the moment they’re selected, and where it goes from there is all about how well they can fare against the competition. Some players in the beta received a torrent of friend requests, Party invites, and other assorted messages - perhaps more than they would’ve expected." So in Season 2, the status of the One will be set to "Busy" while they're on stage.

"There's a lot on the line, and it can be quite intense. We wanted to make sure that the One is able to focus on the game without distraction," said designer Brett Johnson.

In addition, the appearance of the One will be more dramatic in Season 2 - the lucky avatar will appear at the top of a staircase, strike a pose then stroll down to the stage.

1 vs. 100 launched in the UK last July. Back in August, Microsoft reported that 200,000 Europeans play the game every day.

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