Haddaway, Nutini, Tunstall for Lips

14 DLC songs released over Christmas.

Microsoft will be drip-feeding 14 new songs for its karaoke contender Lips onto Xbox Live Arcade over the course of the "holiday season", starting today.

Festive songs available for Lips

Elvis this week, Kylie next, more.

Microsoft has decided to celebrate Christmas with a number of downloadable festive songs for Lips, some of which are out today.

First Lips DLC goes live today

With more due next week.

Microsoft has announced that four new songs will be available today for its new karaoke game Lips, and that add-ons will be priced at 160 Microsoft Points (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92) per downloadable song. The four available today are:



Cover brand.

SingStar, anyone? Judging by more than 15 million sales and more than 2.2 million song downloads, the answer is yes. Microsoft wants in on the action, just as it does with EyeToy (You're in the Movies) and Buzz (Scene It?), and so it has enlisted respected Japanese music game developer iNiS to create an alternative that matches the Sony game almost word for word and hopefully builds on it.

The result is a karaoke experience fundamentally indivisible from Sony's vision of how it should work - right down to an outright refusal to use the 'k' word anywhere near it. Players of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band will recognise the formula too; your singing is rated according to pitch and timing rather than exact notes. However, Lips also aims to outdo the competition by celebrating and rewarding vibrato, rather than punishing it as deviation, and although it often denies you points for brief and low starting points, the way you react to sudden changes in a song's pitch is marked with greater sympathy.

Lips also has solid, flashy and - most crucially - wireless microphones, which none of its competitors has. Each is powered by a pair of double-A batteries concealed by a removable mic head, and some of that acid fires up lights that change colour to show you which on-screen lyrics the mic is waiting to hear. As you sing, you also build up a Star Stream bar above the music, and once it's maxed out you're invited to strike a pose with the microphone, which is motion-sensitive as well, to enter a period of star-earning and points-multiplying. Shaking is also used to activate microphone number two mid-song, and to extend short versions of songs if you want to keep going for the duration.

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Despite having posted pricing and track details for Lips once before, we've now spotted that what's on the UK version of the game differs slightly from the list we reported. Sorry about the mix-up. Here's the full list, all of which are definitely on the version of the game we've been playing this past week for today's Lips review.


All singing, some dancing.

If music be the food of love, then karaoke is... What, exactly? A cheap, vaguely guilty but widely enjoyed pleasure - the kebab of romance? The battered sausage of passion?

Lips date, price, tracks revealed

No lyrics for imported MP3s, though.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 karaoke game Lips will be released in Europe on 21st November for GBP 49.99 / EUR 69.99.

MS man takes a pop at Wii Fit

And "toy shop" karaoke game mics.

Microsoft marketing exec David Gosen has warned against producing peripherals that end up gathering dust - taking a pop at Wii Fit in the process.


MS takes on SingStar.

When it comes to Lips, Microsoft's first stab at a karaoke game since the long-forgotten Xbox Music Mixer, SingStar isn't so much the elephant in the room as the elephant in 15 million living rooms - or at least the business with 15 million sales - and no one's going to let Microsoft and Lips developer iNiS forget it, least of all us. "What do we think of SingStar?" says iNiS' chief creative officer Keiichi Yano, when we pop the question. "I can't really talk to the other music games, but you know obviously we've looked at it, and we do consider it a competitor, but I really want to do my own thing here, and I think one of the things we're really doing is providing a very deep experience."

INiS's Keiichi Yano quiet on Lips DLC pricing

Does clarify imported song functions.

Keiichi Yano, co-founder of Lips developer iNiS, was unable to clarify pricing for the ambitious Microsoft karaoke game or its downloadable song content when Eurogamer spoke to him on Tuesday at E3.


Kissable karaoke for Xbox 360.

Kissable karaoke for Xbox 360.

Microsoft confirms Lips for 360

Microsoft confirms Lips for 360

Sing over your own music.

Flavour-of-the-month Welsh warbler Duffy joined Microsoft Games Studios boss Shane Kim on stage tonight for the unveiling of Lips, 360's answer to Sony's towering SingStar series.

The game is being developed by iNiS, the studio behind superb DS rhythm-action camp-a-thon Elite Beat Agents, and is down for a holiday 2008 release.

While the basic format looks notably SingStar-like at first glance, the wireless mics bundled with the game boast motion sensors that allow you to shake your arms about like Bez from the Happy Mondays, while pretending to play the tambourine.

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