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Lips mic won't work with other music titles

Not at launch, anyway, says developer.

The microphones that come bundled with Xbox 360 karaoke title Lips won't be compatible with other music games - at least not to begin with.

That's according to Lips creator Keiichi Yano. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, he said the mics can't be used to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero because they are wireless; it's not just as simple as plugging them in.

However, Yano said, a patch could be released to resolve the issue in future - but that will be up to Neversoft and Harmonix. "I hope so. It's not something we can do, obviously," he stated.

"I mean, I hope so for Rock Band, Guitar Hero. It won't work out of the box but it's relatively easy to kind of get it going."

Lips is out this Friday. Expect our review very soon, and check out the gamepage for our hands-on impressions.

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