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Lips pre-orders get eight free songs

Out mid-November in the US.

US retailers Amazon and Gamestop are offering eight free songs to anyone who pre-orders Xbox 360 karaoke game Lips.

The Zune team will choose the songs, according to the Microsoft Gamerscore blog, and offer one new track each week for two months.

There's no word on a European initiative or regular DLC price, but we're seeing the game soon, so expect our thoughts and possible bundle/date confirmation in prompt fashion.

Lips is due out in the US on 14th November according to Amazon and 18th November according to GameStop (fight!), incidentally, and retails for USD 69.99 with the microphones.

The game is, of course, the Xbox 360's rather late answer to SingStar. Developed by iNiS (Gitaroo Man, Ouendan, Elite Beat Agents), the clever bit comes in being able to sing along to music on your console hard drive, iPod or Zune.

We're not sure how, but the correct lyrics pop up, the vocal levels are reduced, and the game even gives a rating at the end of the performance. Wizardry.

Lips also has sparkly, motion-sensitive microphones for friends to wave around while others sign, plus a persistent character element where players eventually level up.

Tom had a chance to sing along after Lips was unveiled at E3. Head over to his lips-on impressions of Lips to find out more.