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First Lips song pack is Coldplay

Due with title update in March.

Microsoft plans to release the first downloadable Lips song pack worldwide on Friday 13th March.

Coldplay will be the focus, providing three depressing tracks: "The Scientist", "Speed of Sound" and "In My Place". There's no word on price. We'll check.

Tomorrow, Microsoft will add "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves, "Amber" by 311, and "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus to the Lips store.

Then, on 6th March, we'll see "Hook Me Up" by The Veronicas, "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder and "Shake It" by Metro Station.

Microsoft also brings word of a March title update for Lips, which will improve scoring and vibrato detection, and launch global leaderboards.

A teensy step towards catching karaoke rival SingStar, but a step nonetheless.

Head over to our Lips review to find out more.

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