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Ubisoft using MotionPlus in Red Steel 2

Wii now capable enough to handle concept.

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Ubisoft has revealed that Wii sequel Red Steel 2 will use the freshly unveiled MotionPlus peripheral.

The publisher feels this accuracy-improving device will help the game finally achieve the ambitious sword-swishing goals set for Red Steel 1.

"Red Steel 2 has been in development for many months now, and this new device will help us be even more precise in what we do with the product," Alain Corre, Ubisoft big shot, told

"The Red Steel brand is strong - I think we released it on year one, and that people understood that it was a first try on new technology, technology that wasn't completely finished. And our game tried to grab the best out of it, and was a bit rushed to be sure to offer something in year one to Wii consumers.

"So Red Steel is a brand, and as with every brand we have, we now have to reach the top quality possible. What was missing was the preciseness of the sabre - and with this new device I think it will change the experience," he said.

Red Steel was released on the same day as the Wii console in Europe, and attempted to mimic user movement for gun, sword, and fist fights.

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