Red Steel

Key events

12th December 2006

Red Steel

13th April 2006

Ubi confirms Red Steel

VideoVideo: Five Terrible Launch Titles

A look back at some not-so-golden oldies.

French mag points to Red Steel 3

Vitality Sensor support mentioned.

Ubisoft using MotionPlus in Red Steel 2

Wii now capable enough to handle concept.

Ubi shy on Red Steel 2

Nintendo mag fuels rumours.

Red Steel

Swords, but no sorcery.

More Red Steel games?

Job ad hints at continuation.

Red Steel multiplayer video

Watch people play it on EGTV.

Ubi targets seven for Wii launch

Far Cry, Blazing Angels, more.

Red Steel dev's new blog

Wii title is coming along nicely.

Red Steel unsheathed

Multiplayer modes announced.

Ubi confirms Red Steel

For Revolution launch.

Ubi's new Revolution title

Get ready for Red Steel.