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Ubi shy on Red Steel 2

Nintendo mag fuels rumours.

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Ubisoft has remained tight-lipped over rumours that Red Steel is getting a sequel.

It was answering speculation that spun off the pages of Official Nintendo Magazine, whose preview of next month's big feature was based around Japanese writing symbolic of the action game.

Scans of the pages in question read "Your Move, Young Grasshopper...", and "Bigger. Better. Bolder. Bloodier", before revealing it will uncover the first screens and give hands-on impressions of the mysterious game.

ONM never gives outright mention of Red Steel 2, or confirms the feature is based on it. But it would support evidence from late last year, when Ubisoft was hiring game designers to help continue the series.

Red Steel launched alongside the Wii last December, fetching largely middling reviews. It put you in the shoes of an American trying to infiltrate the notorious Yakuza in a search for his fiancée, pitching lots of gang members between you and your objective.

The idea is to either shoot them in the head to stop them moving, or get up close and swish a sword around to stop them moving - all with those motion-sensing controls.

Slash your way over to our Red Steel review to see which bits would make a sequel welcome.

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