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Red Steel dev's new blog

Wii title is coming along nicely.

The Ubisoft team working on Wii title Red Steel have started up a new blog designed to keep us all up to date with how the game's coming along.

In the first post, producer Marie-Sol Beaudry reveals that the big challenge for the team is working out how best to make use of the remote controller. "When we first received the controller our imaginations were limitless, but then we spoke to our programmers and determined that there were guidelines and rules of which we'd need to adhere to in regard to both functionality as well as gameplay," she wrote.

"In other words, while the shooting was fairly straight forward, point-and-shoot, it was the swordplay that proved to be a true challenge. We quickly learned that wielding a sword and manipulating the controller was a lot of fun, but we didn't want to force people to become actual professional swordsmen - just have fun."

There's also the issue of how to animate the sword, Beaudry continued: "We didn't want any delay whatsoever in response to what was happening with the controller and what you saw on the screen."

Apparently they're still tweaking the control system to make sure it works perfectly, "For example keeping the precision and accuracy of the aiming but working on the sensitivity and the stability.

"Also the sword fighting is going to offer more diversity in movements and couple of special moves I will not talk about this time..."

Here's hoping Beaudry reveals more in the next blog update, which is due in a fortnight's time.

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