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Ubi's new Revolution title

Get ready for Red Steel.

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Ubisoft is currently working on a Revolution game titled Red Steel, according to the latest issue of US magazine Game Informer.

The game is in development at Ubisoft Paris, and is being worked on by team members whose previous credits include Prince of Persia, Far Cry Instincts and Ghost Recon.

Red Steel appears to be a first-person shooter that utitilises the Revolution's remote controller. You'll use it to aim your gun, and also to control your secondary weapon - a katana.

According to our old friend Internet Reports, you play an American gentleman who's engaged to a lady called Miyu. After she is kidnapped, you discover that her Dad, Sato, is a Yakuza boss who owns a mysterious ceremonial katana - and rival mobsters are after it. They offer to return Miyu in exchange for the sword, but Sato's having none of it - he gives the katana to you instead and tells you to find his daughter.

Apparently you'll be able to use it to pull off single-move stealth kills, and to fight in epic duels with Miyu's kidnappers. You can also use your gun to, for example, blast weapons out of enemies' hands, and occasionally spare their lives in exchange for new weapons or shortcuts.

That's all there is to know at present - more will be revealed in the next few weeks.

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