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Red Steel unsheathed

Multiplayer modes announced.

Ubisoft has revealed more information on Red Steel, the publisher's Yakuza-flavoured action game set for a release later this year as an exclusive launch title on Wii.

Confirming earlier reports about kidnapped daughters, mafia king-pins and a ceremonial katana, Ubisoft has clarified a couple of things about the unique gameplay elements that take advantage of the new controller.

Facing off against various members of the Tokyo underworld, you'll need to replicate sword-fighting movements with the controller to pull off a range of attacks and winning the fight will gain you the respect and potential plot-based assistance of your foe. Assuming you haven't sliced any heads off, of course.

Once you've discovered your 'inner Samurai', you can take on a friend in what Ubisoft has loosely committed to as "various split-screen multiplayer modes," which sounds like it could either be a hell of a lot of fun - or a one-way ticket to Accident and Emergency.

In the single-player game, there's a range of different swords available as you slice and dice your way through the criminal ranks, as well as an arsenal of fire-arms for longer range attacks or the more intense fights with multiple assailants.

There's also something Ubi refers to as a "focus system," allowing you to channel your mental energy to unleash powerful attacks when it all gets a bit Kill Bill and the ability to freeze time and target multiple foes at the same time. Whether that is focused purely on the gun attacks or some sort of Shinobi-style sword combo is unknown at the moment.

The game is looking pretty impressive so far and marks another in a what's looking to be a solid launch-line up for Nintendo's new console. Don't forget to check out the conference highlights over on Eurogamer TV, and we'll be bringing you more on Red Steel and all things Wii as soon as possible.

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