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PSP still topping Japanese chart

Xbox 360 sees a slight boost.

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The PSP is still sitting pretty at the top of the Japanese hardware chart this week.

There's a fair bit of distance between Sony's handheld and two Nintendo platforms, according to Media Create data, while the Wii and DS are just hundreds of sales apart.

In fourth place is PS3, with sales continuing to drop following the launch week Metal Gear Solid surge. The final tally was 17,973 unit, which is 2000 less than last week.

Significantly below is the ageing PS2, rumoured to be getting yet another redesign later this year.

And finally Xbox 360 did all right this week, relatively speaking. More than 5000 units were shifted - that's around double the usual figure.

The software chart points to Gundam: Operation Troy and Battlefield: Bad Company doing well for the platform.

  1. PSP - 58,861
  2. Wii - 48,480
  3. DS - 48,884
  4. PS3 - 17,973
  5. PS2 - 7,673
  6. Xbox 360 - 5,104

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