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Empire: Total War sets sail for February

Creative Assembly on course.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA plans to deploy Empire: Total War here on 6th February 2009.

That's according to the official website, where the date appeared like a well timed 18th Century naval attack.

Empire: Total War is the latest in the PC real-time strategy series, and will tackle themes such as the American struggle for independence, industrialisation, and the Eastern shipping routes.

Battles at sea will play a major role too, and are now fully controllable affairs, with broadsides, cutlasses and temperamental weather to worry about.

The Campaign Map element of the game will also undergo improvements. Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage should be better thought out, plus the user interface has been redesigned and more on-screen help added.

Developer Creative Assembly believes it is "the biggest and best Total War game" ever, which is quite some promise.

Head over to Eurogamer TV for the first proper Empire: Total War trailer.

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