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Total War finally given Campaign MP

Creative Assembly's strategy is complete.

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After nearly 10 years, SEGA and Creative Assembly's seminal Total War series is ready for Campaign multiplayer.

At first, integration will be rudimentary; a global beta will begin on 7th December and you'll need to sign-up for to participate. To begin with, only two human players will be able to occupy the Campaign map, either working against each other or expanding co-operatively.

The Campaign map, incidentally, is the Risk-style, turn-based portion of the game that involves building and managing settlements like in Civilization and plotting your global conquest. The Battle map is the hands-on RTS element that involves bossing your troops to glorious victory.

Six months have been spent testing Campaign multiplayer features in-house at Creative Assembly already. There are a few screenshots of the multiplayer in action in our Empire: Total War gallery.

On 7th December we'll also be treated to the Elite Units of America DLC. This adds, for £2/€3, powerful new fighters to the American, British and French factions - recognisable soldiers that changed the face of history forever.

Campaign multiplayer may the missing ingredient that has prevented the Total War series being awarded a 10/10 from Eurogamer. Still, a 9/10 for every core iteration isn't a bad tally.

Head over to our Empire: Total War review to find out more.

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