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August 2009 Archive

    1. More details on EVE FPS Dust 514
    1. Jagex reveals first MechScape details
    2. Jagex: 105 million played RuneScape
    3. Jagex on RuneScape, MechScape and FunOrb
    4. Star Trek Online
    1. System Failure: Why PS3 and 360 drop dead for the same reasons
    1. Scribblenauts UK date changed
    2. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    3. Mr Driller revamp shakes WiiWare
    4. Wii-exclusive Harvest Moon dated
    5. Heavy Rain
    6. EA: We'll see Xbox 560 before 720
    7. DJ Hero
    8. DiRT 2 demo: PS3/Xbox 360 performance showdown
    9. Amazon lists then yanks 250GB Xbox 360
    10. MS clamping down on early ODST sales
    11. Madden NFL 10
    12. New Monster 4x4 game coming to Wii
    13. Fight Night Round 4 demo on Xbox Live
    14. F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn demo released
    15. Special edition Gears 2, Fable II coming
    16. Aion open beta and early access dated
    17. Tim Curry to star in Dragon Age: Origins
    18. Harmonix outlines RB Network process
    19. "Okamiden" in next week's Famitsu
    20. DOWII adds free DLC Last Stand
    21. Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2
    1. Cage defends Madison striptease scene
    2. StarCraft II
    3. MS: Elite pricing unrelated to PS3 Slim
    4. PSN update: Smash Cars, Battle Tanks
    5. 2K bringing two indie games to XBLA
    6. Ghostbusters PS3 patch doesn't deliver 720p
    7. Star Wars: The Old Republic
    8. Uncharted 2 "impossible" on Xbox 360
    9. Turbine sues Atari over D&D Online
    10. Xbox 360 Elite price cut to £199
    11. Peggle Nights expansion coming to XBLA
    12. "Big plans" for Brink 2 and 3
    13. Champions lifetime subs sell out
    14. BioWare fixing Pinnacle Station bug
    15. Killzone 2 throne room for Home
    16. Command & Conquer 4 gets new subtitle
    17. Greenberg: Xbox 360 is reliable now
    18. New Ratchet & Clank gets US release date
    19. The King of Fighters XII
    1. Section 8 delayed by a week in UK
    2. PSP: Make way for the Minis
    3. Napoleon: Total War
    4. UK PS3 Slim will not sell early
    5. Mafia II
    6. Nintendo patents US football peripheral
    7. IW confirms dual-wield for MW2
    8. Chinatown Wars PSP dated
    9. XBLA champ Castle Crashers expands
    10. Sins of a Solar Empire expands next year
    11. XBL gets Burnout Revenge, NFS ProStreet
    12. Professor Layton 4 has bonus RPG inside
    13. Lumines coming to iPhone
    14. No More Heroes 2 due out in January
    15. WET demo on Xbox Live
    16. 3.0 is PS3's last major 2009 update
    17. Red Faction multiplayer DLC this month
    18. Final Fantasy XIII
    1. Wii Sports Resort sells 1m in Europe
    2. Law blooper lets kids buy adult games
    3. Mass Effect DLC goes Live
    4. Resi Darkside Chronicles dated
    5. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida
    6. Pyro denies reports of new Commandos
    7. Defense Grid given XBLA date
    8. Ubisoft cagey about BG&E2 status
    9. Droplitz for PC now super-cheap
    10. 2K's Axel and Pixel revealed
    11. AVP to impact Colonial Marines timing
    12. FF Versus XIII dev time will be shorter
    13. SmackDown 2010 gets US release date
    14. Stardock's Impulse adds social network
    15. Spanish director in BioShock talks
    16. Wii Sports Resort sells a million in Japan
    17. Hirai: Judge PS3 after five years
    18. FIFA 10 demo dated, detailed
    19. PSN down for maintenance tonight
    1. Blizzard in Diablo III console talks
    2. Eurogamer gamescom Awards
    3. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    4. EA calls German ratings "censorship"
    5. UK charts: Wii Sports Resort on top
    6. Mass Effect 2 tech upgrades impress
    7. Japan charts: Dragon Quest IX rules roost
    8. Mass Effect 2 on PC/360 simultaneously
    9. Special events planned for WAR birthday
    10. New Mass Effect DLC detailed
    11. Modern Warfare Wii co-op detailed
    12. GT5 has 1000 vehicles, out in Q4 2009
    13. Def Jam scouts watch Rapstar game
    14. GH5 DLC won't work in GH World Tour
    15. Get Batman: Arkham Asylum PC free
    16. Fable II dog saved due to hate mail
    17. Bonsai Barber
    1. WOW to support cross-server dungeons
    2. Planescape Torment
    1. End of the Land Grab
    2. Cloud play and more for
    3. StarCraft II to allow paid-for mods
    1. Every old WOW zone to be revamped
    2. PS3 Slim with retailers next week
    3. BlizzCon 2009 conference
    4. WOW Cataclysm expansion unveiled
    5. Blizzard shows Diablo III's Monk
    6. PS3 Store refresher has demos
    7. Battlefield 1943 delayed on PC
    8. New Mass Effect Achievements appear
    9. Final Fantasy XIV
    10. Konami's Hideo Kojima
    11. Kojima admits MGS confuses him too
    12. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    13. Fallout, Kingpin, Sacrifice on Steam
    14. New Western FFXIII demo TBC
    15. FFXIV looks likely for Xbox 360
    16. Harmonix considering Natal for RB3
    17. RUSE PC beta "later this year"
    18. GT5 damage model lacks impact
    19. Assassin's Creed II
    20. Wolfenstein
    1. Sony's Andrew House
    2. FFXIII out simultaneously on PS3/360
    3. Beatles: RB song pricing revealed
    4. Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW
    5. GTI Club zips onto Wii
    6. Ubisoft praises "exceptional" PS3 price
    7. Sony "confident" of high PSPgo price
    8. PS Home game-launching this autumn
    9. No DS peripheral for LEGO Rock Band
    10. David Cage rants about quick-time events
    11. Guild Wars 2
    12. ModNation Racers
    1. Alpha Protocol
    2. Konami confirms PES UK dates
    3. Maijin: The Fallen Realm announced
    4. Clash of the Titans game announced
    5. JoWooD delays new Gothic game
    6. Play DiRT 2 tomorrow on PSN/XBL
    7. ModNation Racers beta will be substantial
    8. Zeno Clash retail box bundles DLC
    9. First FFXIV gameplay footage shown
    10. Split/Second
    11. No multiplayer in LittleBigPlanet PSP
    12. Naughty Dog keen to bring Jak back
    13. Gradual XMB changes "right way to go"
    14. Dark Void gets January date
    15. AVP Alien campaign, multi detailed
    16. Cage talks Trophies in Heavy Rain
    17. PS3 Slim loses Linux, gains HDTV linkage
    18. Fable III
    19. Fable II to get episodic release on Live
    20. F1 2009 bundles free Wii wheel
    21. Microsoft gamescom conference
    22. Molyneux unveils Fable III for 2010
    23. No backwards compatibility for PS3 Slim
    24. Forza Motorsport 3
    25. New Total War for February 2010
    26. 250GB PS3 Slim on the way?
    27. PS3 Slim in Europe on 1st September
    1. Tech Analysis: Alan Wake trailer
    2. SingStar and Audi action for PS Home
    3. PSP getting sub-100MB games in Oct
    4. PS3 Slim in September, price cut now
    5. New PS3 firmware spruces up PSN
    6. Sony gamescom conference
    7. Sony announces digital reader for PSP
    8. Get GT PSP free with PGPgo in October
    9. PS3 video on demand in November
    10. SCEE PS3 sales more than 10 million
    11. Lionhead reveal teased for gamescom
    12. PSN down during Sony conference
    13. Wolfenstein MP team axed on release day
    14. LittleBigPlanet to add water support
    15. Ubisoft doing dance game for Wii
    16. SWTOR is "biggest MMO project ever"
    17. Dante's Inferno coming in February
    18. Brutal Legend demo in September
    19. Battlefield BC2 gets release date
    20. Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
    21. Zeno Clash spreads to shops in Q4
    22. Stunning CryEngine 3 tools revealed at GDC Europe
    23. OutRun free with FM2010 on Steam
    24. EVE-maker reveals console MMO/FPS
    25. PopCap reveals Zuma's Revenge
    26. FIFA 10
    27. FIFA set-piece creator will work online
    28. ASDA drops 80GB PS3 price to £250
    29. Buy ChampMan 2010 for only £2.51
    30. Ubisoft announces Silent Hunter 5
    31. Remedy: Alan Wake is finally "done"
    32. Fable II GOTY edition in September
    33. Earthworm Jim reappears this year
    34. Bethesda: Elder Scrolls "will continue"
    35. LBP GOTY edition for September
    1. Germany is not Europe's top market
    2. Lips sequel pout in October
    3. Mini Ninjas demos this week
    4. EA dates Spore Wii, DS
    5. 1 vs 100 has 200,000 players a day
    6. PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer
    7. New Pokemon coming in spring
    8. The Making of World of Warcraft
    9. MS increases Arcade 360 price in UK
    10. UK chart: Ashes bats away competition
    11. Tech Comparison: Resident Evil 5 PC
    12. SEGA closing Chromehounds servers
    13. Sony patents laughter detector
    14. MMA signs Randy Couture
    15. APB beta registration opens
    16. MAG to unload in January
    17. We Sing to support four mics at once
    18. Starcraft II LAN petition gets 100,000 sigs
    19. WOW expansion to revamp old world?
    20. Report: PSP apps for €5 and under
    21. BlazBlue coming to Europe next year
    22. Red Alert 3 sub-game for PSN/XBLA
    23. Rocksteady not doing Hitman 5 after all
    24. More than 9m Xbox 360s in Europe
    1. Shadow Complex
    2. Fallout 3 time-lapse video special
    3. Media Manipulation: the "Bullshot" phenomenon
    1. Pricing On Demand
    1. PAL PSN adds Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    2. Argos claims 60GB 360 discontinued
    3. Japan chart: Monster Hunter Tri displaced
    4. The Beatles: Rock Band
    5. Microsoft treats heading to EG Expo
    6. Onyxia returns for WOW's 5th birthday
    7. Resident Evil 5
    8. Bizarre: Blur is about "s*** blowing up"
    9. Brutal Legend multiplayer has RTS twist
    10. APB requires no monthly subscription
    11. Jambo! Safari
    12. L4D2 Fairgrounds campaign revealed
    13. Lost Planet 2 co-op demo next week
    14. ArmA II expands with Arrowhead
    15. Blood Bowl gets UK release date
    16. Nintendo wins otherwise-slow July NPDs
    17. Army of Two 2 gets release date
    18. Beatles: Rock Band tracklist revealed
    19. 2K bringing Borderlands to EG Expo
    20. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
    21. More on Doom 4 at QuakeCon 2010
    22. id iPhone game every other month
    23. Q3A and Doom II XBLA at QuakeCon
    24. Editor's blog: Woman of Conviction
    1. NinjaBee cloning Cloning Clyde
    2. IO's Mini Ninjas arrives September
    3. Gollum and Gimli will voice Risen
    4. Resonance of Fate
    5. Rockstar's Beaterator for October
    6. Wii topping UK hardware chart for '09
    7. More albums announced for Beatles: RB
    8. Flipnote leads Friday update charge
    9. Nintendo giving NES Metroid away
    10. Championship Manager 2010
    11. PSPgo: New firmware, new connections
    12. Fallen Earth open beta next week
    13. Ultima Online to expand in September
    14. TF2 introduces King of the Hill
    15. DJ Hero features Scratch Perverts, Yoda
    16. FNR4 to get Klitschkos next month
    17. Ex-Free Radical boss sets up new studio
    18. Batman PS3 unlocks Batcave in Home
    19. Your money back if Wolf bests Madden
    20. Bionic Commando dev shuts down
    21. Host a Section 8 server for PC/360
    22. TrackMania heading to Wii
    23. New Trophy features for
    24. Play Assassin's Creed 2 at the EG Expo
    1. Command & Conquer 4
    2. Mobigame may keep EDGE name
    3. SEGA announces Football Manager 2010
    4. Warner delays Aragorn's Quest
    5. Wheelspin
    6. Microsoft answers Live Tenure queries
    7. Kotick vs. Riccitiello: who's the richest?
    8. More Capcom Classics coming to PSN
    9. Scared 2 expansion named, detailed
    10. Guild Wars creator leaves NCsoft West
    11. Rocksteady working on new Hitman?
    12. Buy GH5 and get Van Halen free
    13. EA trademarks nineties classics
    14. Wii GH5 to stream from large SD cards
    15. COD: WAW for PC now half-price
    16. Flipnote Studio coming to UK this week
    17. Live C&C4 interview today!
    1. Deep Silver adopts Prison Break game
    2. Natural Born Killer
    3. EA studio boss keen on Bullfrog remakes
    4. WOW was almost "a much darker game"
    5. Rage and Brink head QuakeCon 2009
    6. THQ parades UFC licence round ring
    7. Duke 3D, CivRev on iPhone now
    8. Capcom's 360 triple-pack is US-only
    9. Bethesda to publish Wheelspin
    10. New races rumoured for WOW expansion
    11. Xbox Live dashboard updating now
    12. BioShock man working on new shooter
    13. 360 GOD pricing varies by territory
    14. Capcom reveals X360 triple bundle
    15. Nintendo patents inflatable accessory
    1. Wild West PSN/XBLA shooter revealed
    2. Carmack talks next gen consoles... and beyond
    3. Red Faction Guerrilla: Demons of the Badlands
    4. UK chart: Ashes leaves others for dust
    5. Command & Conquer 4
    6. Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB will sell 10m each
    7. Colin McRae: DiRT 2
    8. Wii Vitality Sensor to launch in 2010
    9. Brutal Legend soundtrack leaked
    10. 50 Cent does voiceover for COD: MW2
    11. Dragon Age: Origins delayed till Nov
    12. Nintendo's E3 conference could have been better, says Satoru Iwata
    13. The Edge of Reason?
    14. Spielberg to produce Halo movie?
    15. Trials HD
    1. E3: FIFA 10
    2. Batman: Arkham Asylum - PS3/Xbox 360 Demo Showdown
    1. A Tale of Two Publishers
    1. I Am Alive due out in 2011?
    2. Euro Wii Sports Resort sales hit 600k
    3. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    4. Konami confirms PS2 re-issues
    5. Super Stardust HD
    6. SEGA teases new RPG
    7. Inside PopCap Games
    8. Win a go on Natal at gamescom
    9. Monster Hunter Tri tops Japanese chart
    10. Bethesda confirms EG Expo list
    11. VC gets Revenge of Shinobi
    12. Wii to get Starbreeze's Enclave
    13. Scratch DJ enlists new developer
    14. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 for DS detailed
    15. BlizzCon 2009 sold out in eight minutes
    16. Brutal Legend release to go ahead in Oct
    17. TV Show King released in PSN update
    18. Red Faction patched, double-XP event
    19. US Xbox Live gets PayPal support
    20. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
    1. Shatter
    2. Editor's blog: R.U.S.E. interview
    3. R.U.S.E.
    4. Batman: Arkham Asylum slips on PC
    5. Through the 3D stereoscopic looking glass
    6. Wii Sports Resort sells half a million
    7. Bizarre's Blur purrs on November grid
    8. New Games for Windows Live released
    9. More detail on jobs, questing in FFXIV
    10. GH: Van Halen due before Xmas in US
    11. No Euro Van Halen this year
    12. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
    13. Big fat ArmAII patch released
    14. Wife made Legends director like Halo
    15. New "similar to Xbox Live"
    16. New Bond, Hawk, Spidey games coming
    17. Crytek protests against new German law
    18. StarCraft II delayed into 2010
    19. Crash Course L4D2 support uncertain
    20. Xbox Live GOD prices revealed
    21. EA splashes nine games over the Expo
    22. Machinarium
    1. Dave Perry talks canned game Plague
    2. Frame Rate Analysis 101: New tools, more data
    3. Xbox Live GOD line-up revealed
    4. Eidos dates Championship Manager 2010
    5. Activision confirms COD4:MW for Wii
    6. Xbox 360 summer dashboard update
    7. Alpha Protocol
    8. EA to support Natal/PS3 wand next year
    9. FIFA 10 cover features Lampard, Walcott
    10. AVP due to arrive in February 2010
    11. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days dated
    12. CCP files "Dust 514" trademark
    13. Apple working on new gaming platform?
    14. Gladiator WiiWare game for autumn
    15. Make Something Unreal winners revealed
    16. Lamborghini to appear in Gran Turismo
    17. Grand Slam PS3/360 delayed indefinitely
    18. WOW: Call of the Crusade patch today
    19. EA plans Madden Arcade title
    20. Tekken 6 coming to Eurogamer Expo
    1. Sacred 2: The 1080p/Tech Interview
    2. Free COD:WAW iPhone app launches
    3. Left 4 Dead 1 getting new campaign
    4. Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll
    5. VidZone songs streamed 100m times
    6. SEGA reveals playable EG Expo games
    7. SouthPeak confirms Section 8 date
    8. Bookworm iPhone cheap until tomorrow
    9. Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta
    10. Sony removes naughty WipEout advert
    11. Champions offers $200 lifetime subs
    12. PS3 WipEout HD ads causing problems?
    13. GH5 is "a massive leap" for Wii games
    14. WB: This is Vegas not cancelled
    15. No experience, levelling in FFXIV
    16. DLC coming for COJ: Bound in Blood
    17. Hothead confirms Braid for PS3
    18. J Blow teases new game, The Witness
    19. Lack of "big titles" to blame for decline in Wii sales, says Iwata
    20. COD: World at War maps this week
    21. Batman: Arkham Asylum demo coming
    22. Rocket Riot
    23. DJ Hero: DJ AM, Z-Trip, Shadow vids
    1. Monster Hunter Tri gets Euro release
    2. UK chart: Wii Sports Resort holds lead
    3. Modern Warfare DS sequel announced
    4. Titan busy fixing Fat Princess
    5. EA unveils first Sims 3 expansion
    6. Miis will work in Guitar Hero 5
    7. PSP LBP getting premium level DLC?
    8. Fat Princess
    9. Dushku: games now "almost acceptable"
    10. Crimson Skies to make a comeback?
    11. Four Nintendo million-sellers in FYQ3
    12. Wii prison game Discipline detailed
    13. Launching motion controllers will be "big challenge" for rivals, says Miyamoto
    14. German ratings board lists Braid PS3
    15. COD Classic for PSN/XBLA "eventually"
    16. SEGA posts hefty financial loss
    17. Carmack: PS3 Rage will run at 60fps
    18. DDO Unlimited launch delayed
    19. More than 23 million PS3s now sold
    1. PSN Roundup: PC Engine Special
    1. Tech Interview: WipEout HD/Fury
    2. Flash in the pan