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Carmack: PS3 Rage will run at 60fps

Tech guru tries to calm everyone down.

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id Software has reiterated that the PS3 version of Rage will run at 60 frames-per-second when it launches.

"Everything is designed as a 60Hz game. We expect this to be 60Hz on every supported platform," id's John Carmack told Edge after an article in the latest issue observed that the PS3 version was currently lagging behind in performance terms.

Whoever writes the Rage Twitter account added: "The Edge Magazine article has caused quite a ruckus. We are committed to ensuring that gamers on all platforms have a great Rage experience."

Which isn't the same as saying that each version will perform the same, but keen observers of id's comments on id Tech 5, which powers Rage, will know that Carmack and others believe it's possible to achieve equal performance.

"Because of the way the technology works, it is really platform agnostic, which means Mac, PC, 360, PS3, so you don't have to have console hate if you're a PC player because we're focusing on the console, and if you're a console owner you don't have to wish that your version was as good as the PC because the technology does all that stuff," id boss Todd Hollenshead explained as far back as QuakeCon 2007.

At that time, Carmack also said that Rage was lagging behind on PS3, but he was confident that the team would make up the difference and apparently remains so.

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