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Despite all their Rage, Bethesda tweet puts Walmart in a cage

Then someone will say what is leaked can never be saved.

The official Rage Twitter account was sparked into life yesterday after the website for Walmart Canada listed a sequel to id Software's 2011 shooter.

Walmart Canada set tongues wagging after listing a raft of unannounced games, including Rage 2, Just Cause 4 and Forza Horizons 5. That's right - there's a listing for a "Forza Horizons 5", which suggests Microsoft is skipping number 4 entirely and has added multiple horizons to Playground's racer franchise.

Did Walmart just spoil the E3 marketing plans for publishers the world over? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Quite a few of the games listed by Walmart are inevitable: a new Assassin's Creed (although Walmart's rudimentary box art misses the possessive apostrophe in Assassin's), Splinter Cell, Gears of War and Borderlands are certainly in the works. We might be looking at an overzealous Walmart employee having a bit of fun.

Whatever the case, one publisher decided to have a bit of fun with the "leak". That publisher was Bethesda, which resurrected the tweet-less Rage Twitter account to poke fun at the mega retailer.

Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines also waded in on Twitter:

Rage, for the uninitiated, was a much-hyped post-apocalyptic shooter from id Software that used the company's id Tech 5 game engine. It went down as the final game released by id under the supervision of founder John Carmack, who later left to join Oculus. Check out our Rage review for more.

Is Rage 2 a thing? Stranger things have happened. Bethesda is set to host an E3 press conference on Sunday, 10th June in LA (it kicks off at 2.30am on the Monday in the UK - yikes!). We'll find out more then.

Meanwhile, who else is looking forward to Forza Horizons 5?

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