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Command & Conquer 4 gets new subtitle

Fans pick Tiberian Twilight as the winner.

The next instalment in the Command & Conquer series has been given a new subtitle.

From now on it will be referred to as Command & Conquer Tiberian Twilight. More than 15,000 fans came up with suggestions for the subtitle, submitting their ideas via the C&C website. Tiberian Twilight turned out to be the most popular.

"Our sophisticated fans are a tremendous community with a great love for the series. We really wanted to involve them in Command &Conquer 4 - what better way than to have them create the title?" said lead producer Mike Glosecki.

"We were blown away by all the creative names they came up with but the most popular selection, Tiberian Twilight, seemed the best fit, embodying that the saga is coming to a powerful and epic conclusion."

Command & Conquer Tiberian Twilight is out on PC next year. Visit the freshly titled gamepage for previews, videos and more.