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EA wants ideas for Command & Conquer 5

Canvasses fans for suggestions.

EA wants to hear your ideas for future games in its Command & Conquer RTS franchise.

A Community Developer Area has just been set up on the game's official site where users can post their suggestions.

"The most discussed and loved ideas will be passed on to the developer team, so be sure to bring your idea onto our community table. Maybe it will be your idea, which changes everything!" read an introductory post from a community manager.

Earlier this year, EA announced a new Command & Conquer game is currently in the works at its new Victory Games outfit, though no details of what's in store have yet been confirmed.

The last entry in the long-running series, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, marched onto PC back in March last year to middling reviews.

"That it is such a giant step away from the mechanics C&C has clung onto for so long is bold and exciting in concept," wrote Eurogamer's Alec Meer in his 6/10 write-up, "but so absolute in practice that it's an insult to the faithful."