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C&C boss discusses digital future

RTS series heading to Facebook?

New Command & Conquer brand boss Jon Van Canegham has hinted at a "direct-to-consumer" future for the venerable real-time strategy series.

"It allows you to do everything you would have expected from a boxed game, but it adds a lot more to it... being connected and connected with players, and persistence, the social elements of playing against each other with other friends," Van Canegham, who works at EA Los Angeles, told Gamasutra.

His comments appear to echo those of EA Games vice president Nick Earl, who reportedly told staff in an internal email that a team at EALA was working on "Command & Conquer with a new digital model".

"What you're seeing with all the social gamers on Facebook... they are actually already playing strategy games whether they know it or not," Van Canegham said.

"Taking a franchise like Command & Conquer and expanding it to a wider audience is part of the strategy."

Before any of that happens, however, there's the prospect of Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight for PC, due out on 19th March 2010. Check out our C&C4 preview for more details.