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Play Assassin's Creed 2 at the EG Expo

Plus new Red Steel, Rabbids and Avatar.

Ubisoft has signed up for the Eurogamer Expo, promising to bring no less than four playable titles to both the London and Leeds events.

The publisher's impressive-looking line-up offers a little something for everyone - including one very special title we're sure you'll all enjoy.

Wii owners will be pleased to learn that beautifully stylised Western/steampunk crossover Red Steel 2 will be on show at the Expo. Its predecessor, which was a console launch title, suffered from a few teething issues, but Ubisoft bossman Yves Guillemot has promised the sequel will be released when it's good and ready, and fully polished. Certainly, from what we've seen so far, there's been a vast improvement. Best grease up both sword-arms and trigger-fingers.

Next on the list is another treat for Wii gamers, Rabbids Go Home. This sequel looks set to give the series a new twist as mini-games have been dropped in favour of an action-adventure mechanic. Your job is to collect items so the Rabbids can build a tower to the moon, obviously.

Ubisoft will also give you the chance to play Avatar, the game of James Cameron's latest blockbuster movie. The storyline is set before the events of the film, as you'll know if you read our E3 preview. A lot of the details are still hush-hush but expect third-person sci-fi action with a healthy injection of bizarre aliens and, as Ellie so eloquently noted, hairy USB cables.

Topping the bill is the stunning-looking Assassin's Creed 2, a game so sneaky it'll have your house keys in its pocket before you've touched the controller. We're sure it needs no introduction after the success of the first game, but you can remind yourself what's on offer by checking out the E3 video. Renaissance Venice provides the backdrop for this stealthy blighter, so we'll be throwing anyone who hogs the pods into the canal. With a stiletto in their back.

Not really. But Rupert will be on hand with a particularly fearsome elastic band to keep visitors in line.

Anyway, why are you still here? Stroll on over to the ticket purchase page and reserve yourself a place.