James Cameron's Avatar: The Game


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James Cameron: Games will "drive" 3D

Filmmaker predicts "stampede" of releases.

Digital FoundryAvatar 2D vs. 3D Performance Analysis

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions compared in 2D and 3D.

3DTV in every home in 3 years – Ubisoft

"More important than some believe."

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 24

Dante shows everyone how it's done. Plus: Army of Two, Avatar, Darksiders, Dark Void, Saboteur.

James Cameron: Avatar didn't rip off Halo

Plus, he's considering more game ideas.

UK charts: MW2 top, Tony Hawk tanks

FIFA 10 pushing hard.

3D is the new stereo sound, says Ubi

"No one wants to go back to mono."

VideoJames Cameron's Avatar: The Game - One World trailer

The Na'vi get up in the RDA's grille.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Full thing out on 4th December.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The game of the film of the decades-in-the-making vanity project.

Avatar shapes up for December

The game of James Cameron's latest.

James Cameron's Avatar

Don't forget to switch your Cameron!

Play Assassin's Creed 2 at the EG Expo

Plus new Red Steel, Rabbids and Avatar.

E3: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Film director's gaming début.

Assassin's, Splinter Cell backed with DLC

Late-2009 sequels will receive extra bits.

Ubisoft working on 3D glasses games

Plus CGI films, books, and telly shows.

Ubisoft gives Avatar a rough date

Calls Cameron film tie-in "wonderful".

Avatar game to feature 3D glasses?

Ubisoft has a "stereoscopic" version working.

Ubisoft doing Avatar game

Cameron demands "best work".