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James Cameron: Avatar didn't rip off Halo

Plus, he's considering more game ideas.

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James Cameron has hit out at critics who claimed Avatar was reminiscent of Halo, joking that he invented the stuff Halo was ripping off in the first place.

"The funniest thing is when some of the so-called fanboys get up trashing Avatar for looking too much like Halo. Pay attention," he joked (hopefully) with G4, after a discussion about the debt games owe to Aliens.

"If I'm referencing anything, I'm referencing the source work for Halo, which is my own stuff. So I get to do that. Nobody else gets to do that, but I get to do that. My rule anyway."

Cameron also said that Avatar could have a life of its own as a game series even if he never got round to a film sequel, and that if it did he would hope to be involved.

He also said he was exploring ways to use some of his leftover story ideas outside of films, perhaps as new games with his friends at Ubisoft, who adapted Avatar. "Good ideas and good visuals are exactly that," he noted.

Check out our Avatar game review for more on Cameron's efforts so far. The film is now responsible the second-biggest worldwide box office haul of all time behind Titanic, apparently. Cor.

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