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Avatar shapes up for December

The game of James Cameron's latest.

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Ubisoft has announced James Cameron's Avatar: The Game will get a UK release on 4th December - two weeks earlier than the film.

Avatar is a 3D project (both game and film) with a complex storyline, enormous budget and hefty dose of CGI.

The story revolves around Jake, a soldier paralysed from the waste down, who flies to a planet called Pandora where tall blue people live. There he is turned into an Avatar, falls in love and leads a revolution against the humans that are destroying the planet.

Ellie made a bit more sense of it after her E3 viewing in June.

The Ubisoft schedule also pin-pointed dates for DS game C.O.P: The Recruit (13th November), Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage (13th November).

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